Registration for RailsConf Europe in Berlin opened its doors yesterday. So if you want to have one more reason to come to Berlin, head over there already.

The Ruby User Group Berlin is having a party the evening before the conference, on September 16th. So if you're in town for the conference, why not drop by, say hello, meet fellow Rails friends and get free food. The event's name (and theme) is Bratwurst On Rails, and the registration is open as well. The location is yet to be announced, but that shouldn't prevent you from signing up, right?

The layout of that application has been done by lovely Joerdis Anderson, whose work you can witness over at her site Be A Good Girl.

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If that's not exciting, then I don't know what is. Original Ruby finally has got competition. I tip my hat to the team that developed JRuby in such a short time frame and now fully conforms with Ruby 1.8.x. Though I'm not keen to run JRuby in Glassfish, it's nice to have the option to integrate a Rails application with J2EE services. Think of that EAI buzzword that came up a few years ago.

Being able to integrate EJB, JMS, or just every kind of Java backend with a (I'm tempted to put some buzzwords in here, think lightweight, agile, full-stack, etc., but I grew pretty tired of these) web framework like Rails is always a nice option to have. Now there's no excuse when Rails is put on the table in a Java/J2EE shop.

Charles Nutter's announcement can be found in his blog. Head over to the JRuby web site and give it a go. I know I will.

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I held a small presentation about BackgrounDRb yesterday at the meeting of the Ruby User Group Berlin. It wasn't a very big presentation, since actually, there's not a lot to say about BackgrounDRb. But if you want to check it out, you can get the slides and the little sample application.

It's nice to see the user group grow. Yesterday there were about 35 guests, the month before almost 50. If you live in Berlin or in the area, it's definitely worth getting to know the people there. And there's a good chance that you can get new gigs there as well.

In other news, my newest article got published on FreelanceSwitch.

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