MacRabbit today released CSSEdit v2.5, a release sporting some nice new features, amongst them tabs (gotta have those), a shiny inspector for X-ray to get all the details on the styles a particular element has, and last but not least, a selector builder to make the sometimes-hassle of building the right selector a visual pleasure.

CSSEdit is one of my favorite tools on the Mac. It's a perfect example how design and function can be integrated into a focussed and usable application.

Go grab it while it's hot.

In other news, the good folks at Panic today released Coda, an integrated web development environment. Mind you, it's not Dreamweaver, no, it looks better. Though I prefer my stack of tools it definitely looks like a thought-through and well-designed tool. I'll definitely take it for a spin.

Tags: macosx

While setting up a new project with Rails 1.2.3 I ran across a weird issue in my tests. Somewhere from the CGI class (belonging to Ruby's core lib and extended by Rails) a nil object was used and threw an error. Turns out this was introduced in 1.2.2 with a fix that was supposed to improve CGI handling on Windows.

The issue has been fixed in the stable branch of Rails 1.2, but if you're stuck with 1.2.3 or 1.2.2 you can do what I do: use a plugin. I took this opportunity to write my first, so here it is.

Sorry I don't have a fancy SVN set up for your plugin-script-using pleasure, but this is a tiny fix anyway.

Though this was a rather annoying bug the fix emphasizes the beauty of Rails and Ruby: It's easy to extend and even to fix.

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