JRuby 1.0 is out

12 June 2007 by Mathias Meyer

If that's not exciting, then I don't know what is. Original Ruby finally has got competition. I tip my hat to the team that developed JRuby in such a short time frame and now fully conforms with Ruby 1.8.x. Though I'm not keen to run JRuby in Glassfish, it's nice to have the option to integrate a Rails application with J2EE services. Think of that EAI buzzword that came up a few years ago.

Being able to integrate EJB, JMS, or just every kind of Java backend with a (I'm tempted to put some buzzwords in here, think lightweight, agile, full-stack, etc., but I grew pretty tired of these) web framework like Rails is always a nice option to have. Now there's no excuse when Rails is put on the table in a Java/J2EE shop.

Charles Nutter's announcement can be found in his blog. Head over to the JRuby web site and give it a go. I know I will.

Tags: rails, ruby
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