When You‘re Stuck, Start By Making a List

When you‘re in the midst of starting a business, while also writing a book, like me and my business partner Sara currently are with The Intentional Organization, your mind can feel all over the place. It‘s constantly overwhelmed by not knowing what to do and where to go next. There’s just so much to do, and you get a pick of the litter of what you might want to do next. Meanwhile I have handfuls of client to attend to, staying in touch with them, making sure I keep track of our conversations, and that I bill them regularly. With growing numbers, it‘s easy to lose track of things.

Introducing: The Intentional Organization

Today, my business partner and former CEO, Sara Hicks, and myself, are thrilled to introduce our new venture: The Intentional Organization, a coaching practice and a forthcoming book. Learn about our story and what we’re building!

Dear Founder: Things To Consider When Building a Remote Team

Every now and then a fellow founder approaches me looking for advice. The topics range from pricing, positioning products, to building and growing teams. Or in this case, they are questions about what to consider when you’re looking to go remote. A founder building a startup in Europe recently asked me for advice on building a remote team. I’ve been working in distributed teams for ten years now. Those teams have spanned from Europe to the US west coast. Sometimes they went beyond that, covering almost 24 hours of timezones.

On Drafting an Engineering Strategy

During the first weeks in a new role, one of the things I’ve most recently focused on is to assess the direction of the engineering department as a whole. At the time I started there was no explicit strategy in place. Which is also not an unusual thing for a young company, just to be clear. So I set out to draft one.