Mathias Meyer
Mathias Meyer


  1. Integrating Ferret, a very nice search engine for Ruby, in a project with acts_as_ferret.
  2. Learning ten finger typing.
  3. Writing an article about one of my favorite clothing labels, New Zealand based Huffer, for the magazine of two friends.
  4. Been hiking though snowy mountains in Norway on my summer holiday.
  5. Reading “RESTful Web Services” by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby. A highly recommended book on REST which I’m starting to like.
  6. Doing my first real-life project with the features of Java 5. That might sound a little ridiculous, but the clients using Java I worked for over the last year all used Java 1.4, mainly for political reasons or restrictions of the application server environment (WebLogic 8.2 is a no-go with Java 5).
  7. Finding more and more joy in photography, and at the same time starting to really like Lightroom.
  8. Playing with AP4R, an asynchronous job processor for Ruby and Rails. It looks like a very nice and more reliable way to do background tasks than BackgrounDRb. The latter now has a new maintainer by the way. Maybe that will bring the mostly stalled development back up to par.
  9. Working in my office. Something I really enjoy. Having a decent and quiet place to work in is important for a freelancer.
  10. Looking for a new mobile. In case you’re wondering the iPhone doesn’t appeal to me.