Friday Rails Links

31 August 2007 by Mathias Meyer

It's been a week full of Rails joy, and a little pain as well, but that's not to looked for in Rails itself, but just some code.

  • Been working with attachment_fu this week. Basically tried out its S3 storage capabilities when I switched from a custom implementation. Pretty neato. I'm starting to dig S3 itself more and more. Mike Clark wrote a nice tutorial on the subject.

  • In his newest tutorial on developerWorks, Bruce Tate writes about using RSpec for behaviour-driven testing. Good stuff, I'm looking forward to the tutorial at RailsConf Europe about Behavious-Driven Development.

  • Chris Wanstrath introduces Ambition, an ActiveRecord extension that makes finding objects more Ruby-like. Being able to write { |u| =~ /chris/ }.first

    instead of

    User.find(:first, :conditions => ["email = chris"])`  

    feels at least a little bit more Ruby-ish. Still pretty new, but it looks promising. The full, glorious joy of features can be read in the README.

  • Finally, the Softies on Rails talk about what you always knew deep in your ruby-red heart: Hashes are Cool!

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