MarsEdit 2.0 has been released recently. It’s been my blog editor of choice for more than two years now, and the UI facelift it got was long overdue. No more drawers, just like Apple Mail, and best of all, Flickr integration.

MarsEdit 2.0 Flickr Browser

Since I use SimpleLog (which I can highly recommend, by the way) which doesn’t support file uploads, I use two options: Skitch (for which I have two invites left, if you’re up for it) and Flickr. The former is useless other than for quickly dumping a snapshot, but that you can do pretty quickly. Flickr on the other hand is my personal dump of photos, so when posting something about these (like last week, for example), the integration comes in handy.

By the way, while writing your posts in MarsEdit you can get a perfectly usable preview of how it will look like in your blog. I already edited my template accordingly before MarsEdit 2.0 came out, but Daniel Jalkut (author of MarsEdit) posted a blog entry on how to do that.

MarsEdit is among my favourite tools on the Mac, and I highly recommend giving it a go.