Mathias Meyer
Mathias Meyer


On a current project we recently switched from Ferret to using Solr as our search engine. That switch was more than necessary, but that’s material for a different blog post. Let’s just say, the switch was more than worth it, and Solr just rocks our socks off.

The decent choice to turn to was of course acts_as_solr. Unfortunately I soon realized that there was no real active development, except for a couple of forks on the GitHubs. Luke Francl’s was the most recent one at that time, so I forked it and started adding my own extensions and wrote a new unit test suite from scratch using Shoulda.

The project seemed to be missing an active maintainer, since Thiago stepped down a few months ago. Talking to Luke and the mailing list, a new plan was made, and without further ado I give you a fresh acts_as_solr mainline. I had weird feelings about picking up development, but I didn’t want to let the plugin go to waste in the midst of a million forks. Of course Luke has commit rights to the repository as well.

Since the RubyForge project page is not up-to-date, I’ll try to evolve most of the information and documentation on the project around the wiki. An rdoc documentation site will follow.

Drop by the mailing list, there’ll surely be someone to answer your questions. I’m open to patches, so if you have something to contribute, feel free to drop me a patch or a pull request.