Mathias Meyer
Mathias Meyer


It’s been quite around here. That’s mainly due to the fact that I had visitors from Canada over, and led them and two more visitors from Norway around beautiful Berlin and Potsdam. Being a tour guide sure is a full-time job.

I held a (not so small) talk on Git yesterday at the Ruby User Group Berlin meeting. The slides are up on slideshare.

I’m using git and git-svn on a daily basis these days, and like most of the people, I’m enjoying it. I’m using GitHub to host my first open source toy called Macistrano, a Mac OS X desktop frontend for Webistrano, written in RubyCocoa. Yes, it’s a frontend for a frontend. Gotta be meta these days.

It’s not yet feature complete in the sense of a 0.1 version, so if you check it out, there will be bugs. An official announcement will follow.

To get more out of git, don’t forget to check out Scott Chacon’s talk at the RailsConf 08, and his excellent PeepCode book “Git Internals”. If you just started using git casually, this book will take you deeper into the internal workings of git and the repository. Well worth the $9. For me, it was of great help to understand and appreciate how git works internally.