Missing iPhone Applications

25 August 2008 by Mathias Meyer

Instead of disco balls, the 100th todo list application (I'm using OmniFocus, thank you very much) a coin flipper (just use a quarter, will ya?) or a face melter, how about something useful for a change?

  • Something for Git. Whatever it is. I'm sure someone will come up with a clever idea. Scott Chacon might be up to something.
  • An SSH-Client that will let me configure my own keys. What am I supposed to do with freshly generated keys that I can only distribute, if I allow password access on my servers? No, thank you.
  • A MySQL-Client.
  • VoodooPad (not just read-only)
  • A Webistrano client. Duh!
  • TimeLog. For those appointments where you can't/shouldn't use your MacBook.

My favorite apps so far * OmniFocus. Better than the desktop version in my opinion. Syncs neatly over WebDAV, but in recent builds the nifty ninjas at the OmniGroup started implementing Bonjour-based synchronisation. Sweet! * Twitterrific. * Instapaper. A God-send (if you believe in that kind of stuff). Finally makes sense to me. * Evernote. Ditto. * NetNewsWire * Exposure. Nifty little Flickr app by Fraser Speirs.

An honorable mention for the WordPress guys to release their client as open source.

Next on the shopping list: * DataCase * A game maybe? Probably Crash Bandicoot. * Twitterrific Premium. I already bought it for the Mac, and it's a neat little piece of software, so why not?

Update: Bought DataCase. Though not graphically perfect, still a nice little tool.

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