Mathias Meyer
Mathias Meyer


There are some interesting books on Ruby and Rails related entering the fierce market, let’s have a quick look.

The first worth mentioning is “Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails” by Maik Schmidt, author of “Enterprise Integration with Ruby” (also highly recommended). Why should you read it? The book introduction answers that question short and painfully:

“Every web site project is really an enterprise integration project in disguise.”

Though it’s still in Beta it seems pretty complete already.

The next one is “Refactoring: Ruby Edition”. It’s not secret that Martin Fowler is a Ruby fan, so he teamed up with Jay Fields to bring the refactoring classic up to par, and port it to Ruby.

After “Design Patterns in Ruby” this is the next classic to be coming to Ruby. If you loved the original “Refactoring” book, this is a must. It’s available as a Rough Cut, and is likely to come out in February.