Daily AWS Wtf and German Rails Conference

05 August 2009 by Mathias Meyer

I've started a new blog (don't worry, I have not abandoned this one), specifically targeting experiences, wtf's and workarounds for the latter on Amazon's Web Services. I've been working quite a lot with them recently, and there's heaps of dark corners around, and things you need to be aware of. That's what that blog is about. Head on over to Daily AWS Wtf and give it a read. It's powered by the people of Peritor, so there'll be other people writing too.

The annual one and only German Rails Conference (some might call it Rails Konferenz) is upon us. I'll be speaking about legacy code, and I'll also be giving a tutorial on refactoring Rails applications, together with Jonathan Weiss. It's a great one day conference with a German audience. Great occasion to meet the German Rails scene. Hope to see you there!

Tags: rails, aws
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