Mathias Meyer
Mathias Meyer


I’m happy to report that the Riak Handbook has hit a major update, bringing a whopping 43 pages of new content with it. If you already bought the book, this is a free update, and instructions how and where to download it were sent in a separate email.

Here’s a run down of what’s new:

  • The book was updated for Riak 1.1.

  • The biggest new feature of the Riak Handbook is a section entirely dedicated to use cases, full of examples and code from real time usage scenarios, giving you food for thought when it comes to using Riak in your applications. Rumor has it there’s also an introduction on Riak CS in there, the new cloud storage system that’s API-compatible with Amazon’s S3.

  • Full coverage on pre- and post-commit hooks. Get ready for a thorough run-through of things you can do with your data before and after it’s written to Riak. Covers both JavaScript and Erlang examples.

  • To go full circle on deploying Erlang code in a Riak cluster, the book now has a section dedicated to it, so you don’t have to manually compile Erlang code every time you update it.

  • More details on secondary indexes, how you can use them to store multiple values for a single document and how you can use them to model object associations.

  • A section on load balancing Riak nodes.

  • An introduction on where on a network you can and should put your Riak nodes.

  • A big, big section on monitoring and an overview of Riak Control, the new cluster management tool introduced in Riak 1.1.

  • Last but not least, the book now comes as a man page. Need to look something up real quick while you’re working on the command line? No worries, drop the man page in your $MANPATH and type “man riak”. Easy to search when you’re working remotely on a Riak node, or if you’re generally a fan of spending a lot of time on the command line (just like I am).

To celebrate the new release, the Riak Handbook is 25% off until next Monday, June 4th. It’s a release party, and everyone’s invited!