Jenifer Altman, a very talented Polaroid and Hasselblad (did I mention I want one of these?) shooter, is working on a project to celebrate and honour the art of Polaroid photography before it completely dies (I still have high hopes that’s not gonna happen) within the next year. The project’s titled “For The Love of Light”, and I was invited to take part in that project, and I’m rather thrilled about that. Around mid-July the project will eventually be turned into a book which will be available to the public. The artists include awesome photographers from 10 different countries, and the result will, no doubt, be awesome.

If you want to be up-to-date about the book, there’s a mailing list over at the project’s website.


The hardest part for me (as for everyone else involved I’m sure) will be to pick two Polaroids that can state the love for the most unique kind of photograph.

In other news, I got hitched in Sydney. Getting married in Australia was easier than we first thought, so we did it. A small ceremony in the park, summer, sun, beach, good friends. What’s not to like? It was definitely worth it. Both the wedding, and the two weeks in Sydney.

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