A Weird Ruby Bug

I ran across a weird bug the other day that seems to have been fixed in Ruby 1.8.5. It’s nonetheless quite an interesting one. When you use a hash as a method parameter, and that hash happens to contain the key :do and you call the method without parentheses, like so:

Testing Active Web Service with RSpec

I recently started picking up RSpec for a current project. Not too far along the way I found myself wanting to test a SOAP web service written with Active Web Service with it.

MacSanta is Coming to Town

Just like last year, MacSanta opened its doors right on time for the holiday season. They have some pretty good deals on some excellent Mac shareware. I stacked up already during last year’s sale, but their daily deals are well worth keeping an eye on.

Friday Links (30.11.07)

  • QuickLook and TextMate, sitting in a tree. Makes QuickLook even better. It integrates the TextMate syntax highlighting into QuickLook, and integrates QuickLook into TextMate. Looks pretty neat. TextMate in QuickLook