I recently remembered that there used to be a nice plugin for SIMBL that'll put e.g. TextMate into full screen mode. Something TextMate itself doesn't support out of the box, but that comes in handy to reduce distractions while working with it.

I looked for the plugin, and found it, but the last update was in 2006, so it very likely wouldn't run nicely on Intel Macs. Other people on MacUpdate were asking for a Universal version of the plugin, so I gave it a try.

Luckily it compiled without any problem, so I give you megazoomer as a Universal Binary. The code is practically unchanged, though I did put it up on GitHub (you'll also find the simple installation instructions there) to preserve it for the near and distant future (whatever it beholds). All credit (and copyright) belongs to Ian Henderson who wrote it in the first place.


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Instead of disco balls, the 100th todo list application (I'm using OmniFocus, thank you very much) a coin flipper (just use a quarter, will ya?) or a face melter, how about something useful for a change?

  • Something for Git. Whatever it is. I'm sure someone will come up with a clever idea. Scott Chacon might be up to something.
  • An SSH-Client that will let me configure my own keys. What am I supposed to do with freshly generated keys that I can only distribute, if I allow password access on my servers? No, thank you.
  • A MySQL-Client.
  • VoodooPad (not just read-only)
  • A Webistrano client. Duh!
  • TimeLog. For those appointments where you can't/shouldn't use your MacBook.

My favorite apps so far * OmniFocus. Better than the desktop version in my opinion. Syncs neatly over WebDAV, but in recent builds the nifty ninjas at the OmniGroup started implementing Bonjour-based synchronisation. Sweet! * Twitterrific. * Instapaper. A God-send (if you believe in that kind of stuff). Finally makes sense to me. * Evernote. Ditto. * NetNewsWire * Exposure. Nifty little Flickr app by Fraser Speirs.

An honorable mention for the WordPress guys to release their client as open source.

Next on the shopping list: * DataCase * A game maybe? Probably Crash Bandicoot. * Twitterrific Premium. I already bought it for the Mac, and it's a neat little piece of software, so why not?

Update: Bought DataCase. Though not graphically perfect, still a nice little tool.

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Chris (of GitHub and err.the_blog fame) gave an inspiring keynote at this year's Ruby Hoedown. Check out the essay, or enjoy him in full visual glory.

Inspiring quote to scratch your itch:

"In fact, stop worrying so much about other people. Every time I've worked on a project I thought other people would really love, it was a massive flop. Every time I've worked on a project I loved, it worked. If you're sitting in this room, your taste is not as far off from those around you as you'd think. Build something you love and others will love it, too. (Not everyone, of course.)"

Seriously, go check it out.

There are more videos from the Hoedown available, of course.

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