Ruby 1.9 Tidbits

Things that don’t really justify their own separate posts.

Crumble - Breadcrumbs for Rails Applications

I recently had to improve the breadcrumbs situation on one of my projects. Until now, breadcrumb definition were sprinkled across the controllers. While that was okay for a while, the current breadcrumbs have become a bit more complex, and I wanted to get them out of the controllers. One option would’ve been to put them into the model, but seriously, who does that? Plus, I have a lot of breadcrumbs that are not exactly related to a model, and if they are, it’s not always an ActiveRecord model.

RailsWayCon Slides

I’m having a great time at RailsWayCon in Berlin. The line-up of speakers is pretty neat, and even though the venue has some flaws, it’s still a cool conference. I’m glad it’s also in Berlin.