Hello From Jekyll

I got a little sick of having to maintain an unmaintained blog engine (I’m looking at you SimpleLog), so I did what all the cool kids are doing, I switched the blog to using Tom Preston-Werner’s excellent Jekyll. I threw in a few tweaks of my own, and tweaked my Rakefile and Apache to support things that SimpleLog can do, but the static nature of Jekyll can’t. Thankfully, the URL format of both is pretty similar, so it was pretty easy to set up redirects from the old URLs to the new ones.

Cocoa Lessons Learned #1: Threading is Hard

While working on iMacistrano (or iWebistrano if you fancy, either way my little iPhone toy project) I started moving things into background tasks and to use timers to fire off requests on a regular basis, specifically to create a deployment, and then to monitor its state.

RailsWayCon: Call For Papers

On the heels of RailsConf Europe’s cancellation comes the call for papers for one of the viable alternatives, the RailsWayCon. It’s happening from May 25th to 27th in Berlin, so other than going to Scotland on Rails like yours truly, this is the conference to go to.

ObjectiveResource: It’s Like ActiveResource For Cocoa

The guys at [Y Factorial](http://www.yfactorial.com) put it in a lot of effort in a new framework for Cocoa which mimics the functionality of ActiveResource. It’s ingeniusly called ObjectiveResource, and acts as (having a worst Rails plugin names flashback while writing this) a bridge between your Cocoa (yes, that includes iPhone) applications and RESTful Rails applications.

Integrity And Passenger Play Nice

I wanted to play the field of continuous integration tools a little bit more, so I finally gave Integrity a go. Its promise of being lightweight sure was tempting.