New Tools For My Toolbox

For a new project I wanted to try some new things, the moment just seemed right, so let me just give you a quick round-up.

Running Webistrano Tasks Using Capistrano

It’s no secret that I totally dig Webistrano. It’s superior to just using Capistrano in so many ways. Although I’m still working on Macistrano (it’s bound to be released soon as well, I promise), some people I told Webistrano about asked me if they still could use a simple cap deploy to fire off a deployment.

ScreencastWeek at Upstream Berlin

The guys at Upstream Agile in Berlin are having a Cockpit Night again, and this time it’s screencast week. On the menu will be the first four of the Erlang screencasts (on January 21) and the first two of the new Objective-C 2.0 series (on January 22), both kindly provided by The Pragmatic Programmers.

Raising Test-Awareness

It’s test-awareness month over at RailsTips. If you still need reason, motivation or general tips on testing, head over there immediately. If you’re a fan of new year’s resolutions, this is your chance. John Nunemaker is spot-on with this series.