Write Tests for even the Smallest Projects

For Bratwurst on Rails I implemented a small application to allow for easy signup. We could’ve used something like upcoming or wevent, but first we wanted to give people an opportunity to tell us what they like to eat and second, we needed to have room for our sponsors.

Why an IDE for Rails?

Several friends tried out Ruby and Rails over the last months. Apart from the fact that most of them like it, but have to get used to the different syntax, there’s one question that popped up several times, and that I’ve already discussed with several long-time Rails users: What IDE are you using?

MarsEdit 2.0 loves Flickr

MarsEdit 2.0 has been released recently. It’s been my blog editor of choice for more than two years now, and the UI facelift it got was long overdue. No more drawers, just like Apple Mail, and best of all, Flickr integration.

Friday Rails Links

Have a RESTful weekend with some REST-related reading, some of it already a little older, but it’s gotten more important to me recently:

RailsConf Europe is a sell-out

Yep. It’s sold out. Compared to the RailsConf in Portland it took a while, but now you can expect to meet something around 800 people there. I’m really looking forward to it, as well as Bratwurst on Rails which will be doing pretty good as well regarding participants.