Monitoring for Humans

Hi, I’m Mathias, and I’m a developer. Other than a lot of you at this conference, I’m far from being a monitoring expert. If anything, I’m a user, a tinkerer of all the great tools we’re hearing about at this conference.

Failure is Always an Option

Failure is still one of the most undervalued things in our business, in most businesses really. We still tend to point fingers elsewhere, blame the other department, or try anything to cover our asses.

Coffee and the Art of Customer Happiness

This essay is an extended version of a talk I gave at Paperless Post about coffee and customer happiness. While the talk was originally titled “Coffee and the Art of Software Maintenance”, I figured that customer happiness is overall a much more fitting for the topic.

On Pager Duty

Over the last year, as we started turning Travis CI into a hosted product, we added a ton of metrics and monitoring. While we started out slow, we soon figured out which metrics are key and which are necessary to monitor the overall behavior of the system.