A Story About Queues in Four Acts

There are queues everywhere. This is the story of a few of them. The names of the queues are made up, but their story is real nonetheless.

September Reading List

Been a while since the last reading list (here’s a handy link, in case you’re looking for more to read). Time to remedy that. Disclaimer: All links below are Amazon affiliate links. You’ll be feeding my reading habit. Thank you in advance!

On Resilience in Automated Systems, Failures and the Human Factor

Recently I’ve been reading several posts on how humans can be a deadly factor when complex and automated systems fail. Several posts diving into the issue are well worth reading, in particular “Automated to Death”, “Are We Automating Ourselves Into a Corner?” , “Cockpit Crisis”, and “People Make Poor Monitors for Computers”. Hot off the presses is James Hamilton’s analysis on the official report of the Fukushima accident.

Six-ish Months of eBook Sales: Riak Handbook

It’s been slightly more than six months since I released the first version of the Riak Handbook. It’s been an amazing and incredible ride so far, and it’s about time I wrote about how things went from the perspective of publishing, marketing and selling this book all on my own. For this I draw inspiration from Jarrod Drysdale’s post on his book Bootstrapping Design and Jesse Storimer’s post on the sales of his book Working With Unix Processes. Both books are awesome, by the way, and well worth checking out.