Friday Tab Sweep (21.03.2008)

Lots of open tabs to be swept. Brace yourselves.


Can you tell I’m looking into Git right now?



Mac OS X

  • Secrets. An ever-growing list of hidden preferences. Comes with a handy-dandy preference pane.

For The Love of Light

Jenifer Altman, a very talented Polaroid and Hasselblad (did I mention I want one of these?) shooter, is working on a project to celebrate and honour the art of Polaroid photography before it completely dies (I still have high hopes that’s not gonna happen) within the next year. The project’s titled “For The Love of Light”, and I was invited to take part in that project, and I’m rather thrilled about that. Around mid-July the project will eventually be turned into a book which will be available to the public. The artists include awesome photographers from 10 different countries, and the result will, no doubt, be awesome.

Ruby Tidbits: How Private is Private?

Several of my friends are picking up Ruby these days. Just like me, they’re coming mostly from the Java world. Good thing about that is that they’re asking me questions about Ruby. Always a great opportunity to dig more into the language, and to write down some tidbits that came up.