The End of an Era

On February 9th 2008 the Polaroid Corporation announced what will most likely be the demise of an era in photography. They’re closing down all their factories, and they will stop producing the famous instant film, after they made enough to last until 2009.

Friday Tab Sweep (18.01.08)

  • PeepCode on RSpec User Stories. The user stories look awesome as a replacement for Rails integration tests. The PeepCode is a good introduction on the topic, but falls awfully short on that issue. Using basic steps like saving an object, checking if it’s valid and checking whether it was actually stored in the database is a little bit too simple in my book, and something you shouldn’t be testing all that much anyway.

Reading List

I bought a nice stack of books recently, and I’m planning on buying some more. There’s a lot of good stuff, not only new books, but also some older books (as in from 2004, I’m not talking about the C++ books on my shelf).