Dear Founder: Things To Consider When Building a Remote Team

On Drafting an Engineering Strategy


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Why is my team not doing what I expect from them?


Workflows That Help Me Stay (and Feel) Productive as a Manager


Reading List 2015

The Most Important Thing About 1:1s (and Building Trust)

The Fear of Failure Can Be Paralyzing

To Be a Better Listener, Embrace the Awkward Pause

Five Habits of an Introverted Leader

Taking Care of Business, Taking Care of Yourself

Always Improve, Never Stop, Never Pause, Never Appreciate

Why Hiring for "Culture Fit" Hurts Your Culture

An Alternate Reality for Startups

Why I Don't Read Email in the Morning

How to do Vacation Right: All It Takes is to Flip a Switch


Giving Back: Travis CI's Charitable Giving in 2014

Reading List 2014

From Open (Unlimited) to Minimum Vacation Policy

Review of my Personal Goals at Travis CI

You Can't Replicate Culture

How to be Great at Customer Support

The Power of Saying No (To Sugar)

Being Busy, Distractions and Just One More Retweet

Planning Your Week

Only The Simplest Tools

What Adopting Blameless Post-Mortems Has Taught Me About Culture

Fake Everything Until You Make It

Implement Routines to Foster Habits

Focus Starts With Saying No

The Secret to Latte Art

Walking as a Creative Exercise

Is Practical Drift Inevitable?

Git Commit Messages as a Timeline of Reasoning

Three Steps to Finding Your Product's Price

The Developer is Dead, Long Live the Developer

Start by Building and Selling Small Products

What More Do You Need to Start?

The Joys of New Technology

The New Technology Fallacy

Three Simple yet Incredibly Hard Productivity Tips

Building an Ethical Business

On Assessing Risk in Socio-Technical Systems

On Working (Too) Hard

Building an Infrastructure Service on Top of Infrastructure Services

Why You Should Charge For Your Beta Product

Personal Challenges of Working Remotely

A Standing Desk Love Affair

The Habit of Writing

How Travis CI uses Travis CI to break Travis CI

Small Business Never Gets Boring


Reading List 2013

The Smallest Distributed System

Deploying your Jekyll Site to S3 with Travis CI

What is Automation?

Just One More Metric

The Fear of Saying No

Running a Small Business is...

A Short Story on Human Error

Monitoring for Humans

Failure is Always an Option

Coffee and the Art of Customer Happiness

The Virtues of Monitoring, Redux

On Pager Duty


A Plea for Client Library Instrumentation

Form Objects with ActiveModel

A Story About Queues in Four Acts

September Reading List

A Culture of Failure

On Resilience in Automated Systems, Failures and the Human Factor

Six-ish Months of eBook Sales: Riak Handbook

June Reading List

Playing with Riak and CRDTs - Counters

Riak Handbook 1.1 is out!

On Notifications, Log Subscribers, and Bringing Sanity to Rails' Logging

February Reading List

Fun with Ruby Block Parameters

A Tour of Amazon's DynamoDB

My Publishing Tool Chain


Holiday Reading List

Storing User Timelines in Riak

List All of the Riak Keys

The Simple Magic of Consistent Hashing

An Update On The NoSQL Handbook

Web Operations 101 For Developers

EventMachine, How Does It Work?

MongoDB, Data Durability and Improvements coming in 1.8

The Virtues of Monitoring


A Simple Redis Use Case for Sorted Sets

Why Riak Search Matters...

Be Humble, and Get Shit Done!

Why I Love and Hate Distributed Systems

An Inconvenient Caveat about MongoDB's Replica Sets (updated)

10 Annoying Things About CouchDB

Relational Data, Document Databases and Schema Design

Vim - A Never-ending Love Story

Presentation Fu

June - A Month of Conferences

Upcoming Conference Talks

Conference Talks You Should Be Watching

ActiveRecord's Callbacks Ruined My Life

Notes on MongoDB

A Collection Of Redis Use Cases

NoSQL And You - Thoughts On Finding Right Partner In Chrime

Redis and Rails sitting on the Couch


Making TextMate And rvm Play Nice

How To Redis

When To Redis

There's Something About Redis

The Shoulda RSpec Extravaganza

How Not To Design An API

The NoSQL Dilemma (with a Happy Ending)

There's Something About Legacy Code

Daily AWS Wtf and German Rails Conference

Ruby 1.9 Tidbits

Smalltalk on RabbitMQ and Nanite

Crumble - Breadcrumbs for Rails Applications

RailsWayCon Slides

RailsWayCon in Berlin

A Ruby Meta-Programming Riddle

Ruby 1.9 Upgrading Woes

Remembering super

The Curious Case Of The Bang Method

run_later Gets Some Rails 2.3 Middleware Love

XRay Goggles For Your Ruby Processes

Parallelizing Capistrano

Mocking Is So 2008

Keep It Simple

When Overusing self Turns Into self.pity

Hello From Jekyll

Cocoa Lessons Learned #1: Threading is Hard

RailsWayCon: Call For Papers

ObjectiveResource: It's Like ActiveResource For Cocoa

Integrity And Passenger Play Nice

New Tools For My Toolbox

Announcing Macistrano: A Desktop-Client for Webistrano

Running Webistrano Tasks Using Capistrano

ScreencastWeek at Upstream Berlin

Raising Test-Awareness

Things to Do in 2009

Things Learned in 2008: TATFT


Refactoring Rails Controllers

acts_as_solr is Dead, Long Live acts_as_solr

Vim - My College Sweetheart

Review: The Ruby Programming Language

JetBrains Releases RubyMine

Why Legacy Code Matters

Why Code Metrics Don't Matter

Merb's run_later Coming to a Thread-safe Rails Near You

Testing Meme

Undefining Class Methods in Ruby

Why Coding Guidelines Don't Matter

Migrating a Project to use Rails UTC-based Migrations

Git Bits: Renaming with Lowercase and Uppercase

Spring's New Maintenance Policy


Why Refactoring Matters

Django turns 1.0

Why Testing Matters

RailsConf Europe 2008 Recap

Ruby and Rails Book Updates

Git Community Book

Adam Keys Hearts Complexity

Megazoomer Full-Screens your Mac Applications

Missing iPhone Applications

Chris Wanstrath on Side Projects

Merlin Mann on the recent Gmail Outage

Amazon Elastic Block Storage

Stop Using FTP

The iPhone AppStore

Rails 2.2 To Be Thread-Safe

Shameless RailsConf Self-Plug

A Busy Month

Bratwurst On Rails 2008

For The Love Of Light: The Book

Smalltalk on Git

Stalled MySQL Logins

A Small Gem For Web Development on Mac OS X

Git Bits: Things you should know about git svn dcommit

Rails 2.0: It's Done


Every Day Polaroid

Git Bits: Committing Partial File Changes

TextMate + RubyAMP = Unconditional Love

Friday Tab Sweep (21.03.2008)

For The Love of Light

Review: Working Effectively With Legacy Code

Friday Tab Sweep (22.02.08)

Ruby Tidbits: How Private is Private?

Seriously the Most Awesome Photoshop Tutorials Ever

How to Process Multiple ActiveMessaging Queues Concurrently

Amazon S3 is Down

Serializing Data with ActiveMessaging and Filters

Paul Tuckfield on Scaling MySQL

The End of an Era

Friday Tab Sweep (08.02.2008)

Friday Tab Sweep (01.02.2008)

Friday Tab Sweep (18.01.08)

Reading List


Review: "Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risks"

CruiseControl in your Menu Bar

Rails/Ruby Books Galore

Mocha and RSpec Don't Play Nice

Friday Links (14.12.07)

CruiseControl.rb and RSpec Play Nice

Dave Thomas on MetaProgramming in Ruby

Friday Links (07.12.07)

A Weird Ruby Bug

Testing Active Web Service with RSpec

MacSanta is Coming to Town

Friday Links (30.11.07)

Singing the Paypal Subscription Blues

RESTful Leopard Spell-Check

Abandon Ship!

"Advancing with Rails" Training with David Black

An Article on Ferret

Using Rails-like Environments with Spring

Do Java's Date Classes Make Any Sense?

The Perils of Using final

RailsConf Europe 2007 Day Two

Best Practices on Rails

RailsConf Europe 2007 Day One

Bratwurst On Rails

Bugs are Magic Tricks

Friday Rails Links

Compiler and Typing Directives for Ruby?

Write Tests for even the Smallest Projects

Why an IDE for Rails?

MarsEdit 2.0 loves Flickr

Friday Rails Links

RailsConf Europe is a sell-out

ActiveRecord and a custom method_missing

Film is the new Black

IDEA still makes Java Fun

Increase Productivity by Reducing Distractions

Friday Rails Links

Inbox Zero

Webistrano Released

Storing Images with Oracle and Hibernate

Random Rails Links

Continuous Integration for Ruby and Rails

Smalltalk on AP4R

Random Friday Links

10 Things I've been Doing Lately

Learning Ten Finger Typing

The Freelancer Survey on FreelanceSwitch

Catching Up

A First Look at OmniFocus

When Will the Web 2.0 Bubble Burst?

Bootstrapping a Web Project with Java and Rails

Announcing Bratwurst On Rails

JRuby 1.0 is out

Smalltalk about BackgrounDRb

Deploying in a chroot Environment with Capistrano

RubyFX Script Announced

Namespacing Your Rails Model - An Afterthought

Microsoft announces IronRuby

Namespace Your Rails Model

The Web Design Survey

CSSEdit Keeps Getting Better And Better

A Fix for Rails 1.2

Supermarket 2.0

Multi-Database Connectivity in Rails

Welcome Aboard